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LMDTK New 6 CELLS laptop battery For Acer 4741G AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41 AS10D51 AS10D61 AS10D71 AS10D81 AS10G3E AS10D73 AS10D75 in Laptop Batteries from Computer Office

Product Specification

Brand Name: LMDTK

Battery Voltage: 10.8V/11.1V

Type: Li-Ion

Model Number: FOR ACER 4741G AS10D31 V3-571g

Package: Yes

Battery Cells: 6 Cells

Compatible Brand: Acer

color: Black

weight: 350g

battery cells: A++ cells

Dimension: 271.3*53.2*20.2mm

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

is_customized: Yes

Battery Capacity: real capacity 4000-4400mAh

battery label: 10.8v/11.1v 5200mAh

battery models: FOR ACER AS10D31 AS10D3E AS10D41 AS10D51

battery models 1: FOR ACER AS10D61 AS10D71 AS10G3E AS10D73

laptop models 1: FOR ACER Aspire 4743G 7560 7741 4750 4755 4771

laptop models 2: FOR ACER Aspire 5250 5251 5252 5253 5333 5336

laptop models 3: FOR ACER Aspire 5750 5750G 7551 7560 7560G

laptop models 4: FOR ACER Aspire 7551 4771G 5551 7741

laptop models 5: FOR ACER Aspire 4251 4551 4741 5741 5742 5742G

laptop models 6: FOR ACER Aspire V3-531g V3-571g

laptop models 7: For Acer Aspire E1-531G



  • 31CR19/652
  • AS10D31
  • AS10D3E
  • AS10D41
  • AS10D51
  • AS10D61
  • AS10D71
  • AS10G3E
  • BT.00603.111
  • BT.00606.008
  • BT.00607.125
  • BT.00607.127
  • 31CR19/65-2
  • AK.006BT.075
  • AS10D73
  • BT.00603.117
  • BT.00605.062
  • BT.00607.130
  • AK.006BT.080
  • AS10D75
  • BT.00603.124
  • BT.00605.065
  • BT.00607.126
  • LC.BTP00.123
  • 31CR19/66-2
  • AS10D
  • BT.00604.049



FOR Gateway

  • NS41I
  • NV49C13C
  • NV51B
  • NV53A11u
  • NV73A
  • NS51I
  • NV49xx
  • NV53
  • NV55C
  • NV79
  • NV49C
  • NV50A
  • NV53A
  • NV59C
  • NV79C

  • Aspire 4251
  • Aspire 4252
  • Aspire 4253
  • Aspire 4253G
  • Aspire 4333
  • Aspire 4551
  • Aspire 4551G
  • Aspire 4551G-P322G32Mn
  • Aspire 4552
  • Aspire 4552-5078
  • Aspire 4552G
  • Aspire 4625
  • Aspire 4733Z
  • Aspire 4738
  • Aspire 4738G
  • Aspire 4738Z
  • Aspire 4738ZG
  • Aspire 4741
  • Aspire 4741G
  • Aspire 4741G-332G32Mnsk
  • Aspire 4741G-332G50Mn
  • Aspire 4741G-372G50Mnkk02
  • Aspire 4741G-372G50Mnkk06
  • Aspire 4741G-432G50Mnkk01
  • Aspire 4741G-5452G50Mnkk04
  • Aspire 4741G-5462G50Mnkk05
  • Aspire 4741G-5464G50Mn
  • Aspire 4741Z
  • Aspire 4741ZG
  • Aspire 4741ZG-P602G50Mnkkc
  • Aspire 4741ZG-P622G50Mnkk03
  • Aspire 4743G
  • Aspire 4750
  • Aspire 4750G
  • Aspire 4755
  • Aspire 4771
  • Aspire 4771G
  • Aspire 5250
  • Aspire 5251
  • Aspire 5251-1005
  • Aspire 5251-1549
  • Aspire 5252
  • Aspire 5253
  • Aspire 5253G
  • Aspire 5333
  • Aspire 5336
  • Aspire 5551
  • Aspire 5551-2013
  • Aspire 5551-2036
  • Aspire 5551-2805
  • Aspire 5551-4200
  • Aspire 5551-4937
  • Aspire 5551G
  • Aspire 5551G -4280
  • Aspire 5551G -4591
  • Aspire 5551G-P324G32Mn
  • Aspire 5551-P323G32Mnsk
  • Aspire 5552
  • Aspire 5552G
  • Aspire 5560 V3
  • Aspire 5560G
  • Aspire 5733
  • Aspire 5733Z
  • Aspire 5736Z
  • Aspire 5741
  • Aspire 5741-332G25Mn
  • Aspire 5741-333G32Mn
  • Aspire 5741-334G32Mn
  • Aspire 5741-334G50Mn
  • Aspire 5741-3404
  • Aspire 5741-3541
  • Aspire 5741-433G32Mn
  • Aspire 5741-434G50Mn
  • Aspire 5741-5698
  • Aspire 5741-5763
  • Aspire 5741G
  • Aspire 5741G-332G50Mn
  • Aspire 5741G-333G32Bn
  • Aspire 5741G-334G50Mn
  • Aspire 5741G-334G64Mn
  • Aspire 5741G-434G64Bn
  • Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnck
  • Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnkk
  • Aspire 5741G-5452G50Mnsk
  • Aspire 5741Z
  • Aspire 5741ZG
  • Aspire 5742
  • Aspire 5742G
  • Aspire 5742Z
  • Aspire 5742ZG
  • Aspire 5750
  • Aspire 5750G
  • Aspire 5750G-2312G50
  • Aspire 7251
  • Aspire 7551
  • Aspire 7551-2755
  • Aspire 7551-3068
  • Aspire 7551-3416
  • Aspire 7551-3634
  • Aspire 7551-5358
  • Aspire 7551G
  • Aspire 7551G-5407
  • Aspire 7551G-5821
  • Aspire 7551G-6477
  • Aspire 7552G
  • Aspire 7552G-5107
  • Aspire 7552G-5488
  • Aspire 7552G-6061
  • Aspire 7560
  • Aspire 7560G
  • Aspire 7741
  • Aspire 7741-333G25Mn
  • Aspire 7741-5137
  • Aspire 7741-7870
  • Aspire 7741G
  • Aspire 7741G-333G25Bn
  • Aspire 7741G-333G32Mn
  • Aspire 7741G-334G50Mn
  • Aspire 7741G-3647
  • Aspire 7741G-374G64Mn
  • Aspire 7741G-434G50Mn
  • Aspire 7741G-464G64Mn
  • Aspire 7741G-7017
  • Aspire 7741Z
  • Aspire 7741Z-4475
  • Aspire 7741Z-4592
  • Aspire 7741Z-4633
  • Aspire 7741Z-4643
  • Aspire 7741Z-4815
  • Aspire 7741Z-5731
  • Aspire 7741ZG
  • Aspire 7741ZG-P604G50Mn
  • Aspire 7741Z-P614G50Mn
  • Aspire 7750
  • Aspire 7750G
  • Aspire 7750ZG
  • Aspire AS5741
  • Aspire AS5741-H32C/S
  • Aspire AS5741-H32C/SF
  • Aspire AS5741-H54D/LS
  • Aspire AS5741-H54D/S
  • Aspire AS5741-H54D/SF
  • Aspire AS5741-N32C/KF
  • Aspire AS5741-N32D/K
  • Aspire AS5741-N54E/K
  • Aspire AS5741-N54E/KF
  • TravelMate 4370
  • TravelMate 4740
  • TravelMate 4740-352G32Mn
  • TravelMate 4740-432G50Mna
  • TravelMate 4740-5261
  • TravelMate 4740-5452G50Mnssb
  • TravelMate 4740-5462G50Mnss02
  • TravelMate 4740-7552
  • TravelMate 4740-7787
  • TravelMate 4740G
  • TravelMate 4740Z
  • TravelMate 5335
  • TravelMate 5340
  • TravelMate 5542
  • TravelMate 5542G
  • Travelmate 5735
  • TravelMate 5735Z
  • Travelmate 5735ZG
  • TravelMate 5740
  • TravelMate 5740-332G16Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-332G25Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-333G25Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-333G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-352G25Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-372G25Mnss
  • TravelMate 5740-434G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-5092
  • TravelMate 5740-524G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5740-5896
  • TravelMate 5740-5952
  • TravelMate 5740-6070
  • TravelMate 5740-6291
  • TravelMate 5740-6529
  • TravelMate 5740G
  • TravelMate 5740G-334G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5740G-434G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5740G-524G50Mn
  • TravelMate 5740G-528G64Mn
  • TravelMate 5740G-5452G32Mnss
  • TravelMate 5740G-6765
  • Travelmate 5740Z
  • TravelMate 5740Z-P602G25Mn
  • TravelMate 5740Z-P604G32Mnss
  • TravelMate 5742
  • TravelMate 5742-372G25Mn
  • TravelMate 5742-373G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5742-463G32Mn
  • TravelMate 5742-5562G50Mnss01
  • TravelMate 5742-7013
  • TravelMate 5742-7159
  • TravelMate 5742-7399
  • TravelMate 5742-7906
  • TravelMate 5742-7908
  • TravelMate 5742G
  • TravelMate 5742Z
  • TravelMate 5742Z-4693
  • TravelMate 5742ZG
  • Travelmate 5760
  • Travelmate 5760G
  • TravelMate 7340
  • TravelMate 7740
  • TravelMate 7740-352G32Mn
  • TravelMate 7740-353G25Mnss
  • TravelMate 7740-434G32Mnss
  • TravelMate 7740G
  • TravelMate 7740G-434G50Mnss
  • TravelMate 7740ZG-P604G50Mnss
  • TravelMate 7740Z-P604G32Mnss
  • Travelmate 7750
  • TravelMate 8472
  • TravelMate 8472 HF
  • TravelMate 8472G
  • TravelMate 8472G HF
  • TravelMate 8472T
  • TravelMate 8472T HF
  • TravelMate 8472TG
  • TravelMate 8472TG HF
  • TravelMate 8572
  • TravelMate 8572G
  • TravelMate 8572T
  • TravelMate 8572T HF
  • TravelMate 8572TG
  • TravelMate TM5740
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322D
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322DF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322DHBF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322DOF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322DPF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322F
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322HBF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322OF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X322PF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522D
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522DF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522DHBF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522DOF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522DPF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522F
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522HBF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522OF
  • TravelMate TM5740-X522PF
  • TravelMate TM5742
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732D
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732DF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732DHBF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732DOF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732DPF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732F
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732HBF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732OF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X732PF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742D
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742DF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742DHBF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742DOF
  • TravelMate TM5742-X742DPF
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Got it, works. Packed well.

The battery is good, the packing is durable. Came loaded at 75%, holds perfectly. The only negative, i ordered 4400 mah, and sent 5200..., but everything came up. Seller recommend.

Shipping with msc, week and it is very fast, usually longer than with china. good battery., rose as native, fully working. Packing, excellent.

Gavau greitai. Atrodo viskas outlets. Dar nebandžiau.

All ok

The delivery was terribly long i do not know why, the parcel went almost two months. The battery was completely discharged, charged while all the norms.

I got a defective option. The seller returned the money. Controller turns off the memory after full charge, battery wear 13 percent, battery pumping result did not give

new get order

Everything is in order, the product is packed perfectly charging 87%, i will see in future use how it will be

Holds well, battery quality, i recommend.

The battery came for 6 days. Delivered from podolsk by russian post. Tracked. To the laptop came up and works. If i do not add a tip, then the battery is excellent and you can take it.

It came to bashkiria in three days))) this is a record. But of course not from china but from russia. But still cool

I have a laptop flashing, signaling that something is wrong with the batteries. Charging her laptop refused. Still the battery was bad in the connector. The seller returned the money.

It came quickly, the battery is excellent. Thank you.

Ordered on acer V3-571G. Came up perfectly. Delivered by sdek less than a week, brought the courier. The battery holds a charge in the district for 5 hours.

Everything perfectly suited as a native, i will recommend to friends and acquaintances...

The order came in 28 days, well packed, on acer came up, the seller recommend

Charged 75% percent. Delivery 44 days. Quality will show time


good . ( 3 hour) .

In appearance made qualitatively, came charged at 84%

Ordered from moscow, came for 4 days by sdek, did not check for work yet

The battery came quickly. Charge 55%. It's getting good. Thank you to the seller.

Everything works happy, i recommend!


Came for a week sdec delivery for a week, the order in the russian federation, packed well, the charge was 70%, holds 2-3 hours if movies watch or an hour in games. On the laptop aspire v3 571g came up. Photo with characteristics attached

It's okay. The goods are good, all as in the description. The capacity corresponds to the declared. I take from this seller not for the first time. Track followed. Delivery fast-25 days. Thanks to the seller, i recommend to buy. I'll take more.

Crumpled packing, but the goods are like intact, check a little later.

The goods came in 5 days. The battery is charged at 77%. Everything works fine.


Everything works

Corresponds to the description. Capacity 5200. Came well packed, charged at 75%. Check within 3 days shows that there is enough for my laptop for 4 hours of work. Capacity after 2 full discharge-charging cycles did not fall. Until everything is ok.

What you need, even more, i recommend!

Excellent quality. Battery as native. Works great.

The parcel came in three weeks, the battery charge was 86%

I'm from uzbekistan. I received my order for 2 weeks. To be honest, i did not expect. Thank you, everything is super.

Very fast charge 3 hours holds

Akum is normal, 70% came charged, holds more than 3 hours. Thank you seller

Thank you very much! Very fast shipping.

The battery works well, came on time.

It's bad! Went long! Turned on like it works! How long will it hold the charge i do not know! Seller do not recommend

I ordered from russia the day came for 3-4. Guys, very cool. To the laptop came all clearly showed 66% charge later i will add

The goods are good. Delivery is fast. The seller is well done.

Hello. Everything came up, was charged for 73%. Delivery to 67 regions 4 days.

Drove for a very long time and as a result, the laptop writes that the battery is not detected, opened a dispute, the seller tried to persuade to send another go... on

It came very quickly. Charged at 86%. everything is perfect. Thank you.

Okay, i recommend. Holds, charges, ve suits

Everything corresponds to the description. Seller

Good seller! Fast shipping.

Fast delivery, later check for serviceability and add feedback

Delivery is fast, packing is excellent. There are only two minuses in which i would not order here, the first is the battery ordered for 4400 mah, and came for 4000 mah, after two weeks of work, it has wear 17%, for how long, no idea. The seller answers all questions. It's up to you to order here or not.

Everything works, thank you. Seller recommend

Ordered 4400 came 5200, on acer v3 771g came up, delivery a week, holds a charge of 2 hours when watching video

It is not described that it is actually 4400mh. And no 5200mh.

Approached as a native. The laptop worked 4 hours in video mode. I advise you.

Delivered super fast. The battery still holds at the level of the original.

Suitable for packard bell.

Everything has come, works for a week, all norms! Ordered 5200, factory size 4840, i think this is normal. At us in the store more expensive by 500 rubles. Same. Seller recommend!

All good


Looks quality, until i checked, the laptop is not at hand, i'll write later. Fast delivery, seller sociable

Akb delivered to vladimir within 1 month. Packed perfectly. Performance did not check. I'll write if anything. Thank you to the seller.

The battery went to the laptop

Works, charges

For 2 hours enough... let's see what happens next)))

Came quickly, charged at 80%. We will observe how much will live

Everything is excellent, doubted but everything came in standby mode the battery holds boldly 2 hours. Came to 74% loaded.

Everything is fine. Sent to 5200 mah. Fast delivery sdek.

Excellent battery, ordered for 4400-came to 5200)))). Ordered on packard bell easynote te, the charge keeps and then let's see. Delivery to volgograd region for 4 days, sent on the day of the order. i recommend.

Good quality. Delivery 6 weeks to Samara

The goods are whole, serviceable, packed well. Ordered from russia, came for a week, made a charge discharge of the battery, the capacity is normal, so far keeps normally, as it will be further looked at.

The packard bell laptop works fine. Delivery is very fast.

Long shipping to lo

Excellent got in the place of the old battery, satisfied with the purchase. Hope will last long

It came quickly. Normally approached the laptop.

Arrived very quickly, a day for 4 from moscow to magnitogorsk. I didn't print it, i didn't. Packaging whole.

Everything came up, charging was 78%

Got, tried, everything is fine. I recommend

Everything is fine-sent quickly. Delivery by courier. To the laptop pakard bell easynote tv43h came up like a native.

One of the fastest deliveries, from payment to receipt-5 days to our mukhosransk.

The goods are excellent, at the moment, came with a charge of 72%, got 8 days from the day of order in mineral waters, the producer answers questions and consults with the purchase, as a whole while fine, i will test))


Order received very quickly, 8 days

The battery is normal, picked up by numbers on the case, everything came up and works.

The battery came in 1,5 months. Everything came up, works.

I order from the seller not the first time. I recommend...

5 days! Super

It came quickly, ordered on april 30 came on may 4. Ordered for 4400 came to 5500. Charged at 73%.

Thanks to the seller, came in 5 days, the courier brought to the address. Battery for 5200 mah. Perfectly holds and charges!

After the first charge-discharge, the capacity changed for the worse. Then the charge stopped at 95% and does not charge further.

Got up as a native, works, delivered in 3 days.


Not yet checked

It works well

Fast delivery, battery working, was charged by 80 percent.

All as in the description.

Working charge 79. shipping from china to chelyabinsk 19 days

Заказывал on 4400, пришёл on 5200. The order is still satisfied, we will use it, let's see how long it will last)

Goods satisfied delivery fast store recommend

Everything is fine. In russia came sdek with delivery courier.

Purchased for acer aspire 5742g. At the moment i can say it works properly. The battery travels well protected wrapped in an air-padded plastic package. Despite buying the 4400 mah version, i received the 5200 mah version, i think this is just a hook to invite you to take the one that has the most capacity for an im for you something older but it must be that they really only sell this version. According to batteryreport (windows 10), its maximum capacity is 48.840 mwh. Time will tell if you do your job right, another compatible battery from another vendor lasted 3 years until it was completely useless, if it lasts the same it will have been good purchase considering its price (approx. 13 €).

Came to st. petersburg for 5 days

The product is quite fast, the charge holds almost 3 hours. I advise the seller.

everything ok

Thank you! The battery came whole and working

The delivery is fastest) came all in and, then the time will show)

Battery working .. Full charge lasts for 3 hours.

all ok, good seller

13.06. I ordered, 16.06 received in kazan. Quickly, quickly, i recommend, everything works.

From the order to receive 4 days.... The battery was charged at 73%. Everything is very fast.. The store is happy. I recommend!


Akum is good. Inserted into the beech, charged was. The system showed 2,5 hours on the charge residual. I will fully see how it will show itself. I bought ga sale for 930₽ plus delivery 70₽, i used coupons ali minus 130 and discount prrdavets. It turned out 832₽. Great. Delivery space for 3 days by courier to the house. Sdecom.

Delivery 3 weeks, to the office tc sdec. Was charged at 85%. Full enough for 3,5 hours.

Received, i will write later

Ordered on february 2, received on march 28, a very debt was a parcel, so also came the wrong volume took 4400 came to 5200, well, come on. Packing more less. the battery itself seems to be wear 5%, according to the program. The second time here would not take!

The product corresponds to the description. The battery is charged to 63%. Works. There are no complaints yet. To the computer approached.

A good battery, the laptop came up, keeps the charge very decently

4 days shipping. I got up like my own. 5500 a little lighter than the original 4400.

Came charged before 70% let's see how it will show itself in the work.

Very good

Battery came working, fast delivery

Works, it came in less than two weeks

Super fast shipment. packaging is excellent. order was made 18.06 received 12. 07. the battery is excellent immediately stood up like a glove. many thanks to the seller for such a gift. i will take it without hesitation only here. i recommend the store. excellent seller and HUGE + + + + + + + + + + +

Delivery took 4 days. After three cycles, the charge-the discharge was enough for three hours of watching the video on youtube. How long will we live-we will see. Thank you to the seller.


I order for the second time. Quality is good, 2 hours holds if you sit in the internet. Thank you seller!

Everything ok

Thank you very much everything works.

Delivery 20 days to kemerovo. At the acer 7741g stood up without problems. Was charged 82%. Seller recommend!

Ordered 17.03. At the post office 22.04 to zab. kray. Packed well. In comparison with the original by weight a little easier. I ordered 4400ma * h, and on the package and battery the value is above.

Came quickly, went to the laptop as a native, by weight a little lighter than the vaginal

Came up perfectly, charged at 70%.

Just super, and most importantly quickly. Delivered in 3 days.

Delivered quickly to home, everything came up, battery wear shows 0%

I ordered 4400, sent for 5200. The parcel came in five days. After one cycle, the charge-discharge showed such characteristics, may after the calibration the capacitance readings will still change.

The product is excellent. Got up like a native. Charge holds. Very fast delivery to minsk.

Excellent Product

For now is ok, we'll see how long it will be like this.

Came quickly, packed perfectly, there are no complaints about work.

Excellent battery, came up perfectly! Thank you seller!


The battery is good. Charging keeps for a long time.

Approached as a native. Charged by 82 percent. immediately began to charge. sent a capacity of 5200. Thank you!!!!

Delivery less than a week to vologda!!! The battery is put in the laptop. A couple of charge-discharge cycles. Everything works properly. Recommend product and store!

Excellent fit on packard bell

From the russian warehouse came the parcel for a week. The 4400 mah battery holds a charge under a load of 2 hours.

Everything came perfectly. Delivery to kazakhstan 3 weeks.

Everything perfectly suited!!! But the parcel went very long.

All norms!!, capacity 5200 against native 4400

Excellent battery. Bought at packard bell easynote 11hc, approached. Fast delivery, seller recommend.

Came for 4 days, ordered from russia. Packed perfectly when opened, found that the battery in the air package. Happy as an elephant

A dispute was opened. The battery from mosva for some reason went to china. Exactly two months i expected her. I thought i could not wait, because in the track tracking wrote: sent back .... But to the account everything was resolved, the goods arrived, the dispute is resolved. New battery with top. Came up perfectly. 79% charge. seller thanks. I recommend.

After a month of use, you can say that the battery is of decent quality. Your money is worth it.

Everything is fine, as always. thanks

Sent and delivered quickly, came with a charge of 78%, ordered for acer aspire 5742g-inserted as a native, while satisfied, i will test.

If the delivery from china, then for a long time, i have 50 days turned out. the battery itself, let's say, so itself. With the original and not near lay. I 've been rocking it for almost a month. The best thing she gave is 2.20 video viewing. If you climb the internet, then 2 hours there. With my native laptop battery, i calmly kept three hours while surfing and about 4 hours of video. But as they say on without fish and cancer fish. That is, in fact, there are no declared 4400 mah in it. Since there is no choice, then... It's up to you. Thank you.

Came in 2 weeks, 85% charge shows 6 hours of operation.

Works well, charges quickly, discharged for a long time.

Item came fully in working condition packed well

Everything is fine, delivered to the astrakhan region for five days, the track was tracked, the battery sat in the laptop as a native, charged for 75%, everything is already in operation, the seller recommend.

Everything works well!

Battery working-charged. But not 5200 as stated, but 4000.

Thank you for the fast delivery! After the test, write off! While 5 stars!

The order was sent quickly. But in ukraine came in 2.5 months. What pleases, the seller warned about the delay and the automatic extended the protection period of the buyer. As a result, the order received, the batteries are installed in the laptops of customers checked-all ok.

He came quickly. Charged for 75%, well. While very satisfied.

Recommend seller.

2 months delivery, while working, enough for 2 hours

Good butler for the wheelhouse, everything went down.

The parcel was exactly a week. From the moment of ordering, to receipt. The declared capacity is just below. Testing showed 4000 instead of 4400 mah. Keep in mind, who is fundamentally. For me for 1000 rubles is quite acceptable. Fast shipping. I recommend the seller.

perfect fit and works very well thank you

Delivered in less than a week. The product corresponds to the description. I will still order!

Everything came perfectly. thanks.

Thank you! Seller success and prosperity!

Super fast shipping!!! Len. area for 4 days! Thank you!!!

The battery came up like a native. Charged was at 63%. Works better than on a new laptop just bought in mvideo. Charge keeps well. I recommend! Packed in vacuum inflated puffy and carton. Delivery sdek.

For acer E1-571G came up as a native

Packed perfectly. everything works. it says 5200 mah

Excellent battery, well holds the charge, came quickly, i recommend!

In hmao surgut reached in 1.5 months, it seems to work. the declared capacity did not check. Then let's see

The battery is great for the acer 5749 laptop. Came with a charge of 68%. Up to 100% charged without problems. Noticed that after disconnecting the charger, the charge quickly falls to 97%. Then discharges slowly. Estimated time batterycare ~ 4 hours in "energy saving" mode. In fact, i think it will keep an hour 2. later i will add a review about the operation of this battery

Charged at 72%. 3 days shipping

Came to chelyabinsk quickly, for 4 days, ordered for 4400mch came for 5200, charged for 70% all is well! Seller advise!

Delivery about a month, works fine, seller thanks

Delivery cdek in 4 days from the date of shipment. I bought as10d73. Came up perfectly. Was charged at 78%. In 40 minutes of surfing in the network, the charge fell by 15%. I think that in the future everything will be good.

Whole, working, fast...

Keeps charge 1.5 hours at best, delivery timely

It came for a month. i look one in one with my family. i'll check how the charge keeps. i'll finish it. thanks to the seller.

Delivery fast (from russia). Came loaded 75%. How long will it last-will show exploitation.

According to my measurements came out after the calibration of 3800 mah, on the battery itself it is written 5200, i understand this from everyone. For this money norms. 17 inch acer, holds 2 hours of youtube video 1080, 30 fps with minimum brightness, volume 40%, and 1 hour 30 minutes with maximum brightness. In principle, i expected it. Aida 64 showed that banks "noname", and not panasonic like some, i hope not to die in half a year.

Battery working, came with charge 76%

Tovar tez keldi. Ishonishilar mumkin

Everything came all works

When disconnected from the network, the laptop screen will fade slightly. With a native battery, this was not observed

Came very quickly literally in 4 days. Sending was from russia. Decided not immediately, but i think in the laptop the problem was. Calibration went great. I ordered for 4400, came to 5200, decided on 4800. Works fine, i recommend the seller.

I order the second battery. There is enough work for 1 year, not for 2 years, as stated under the warranty. After 1 year of use, the laptop shows that you need to change the battery and it turns off. The order came quickly.

Delivery month. The battery is good. Ordered for 2 different laptops, the second came not new already with 6% wear. Both batteries were charged at 70%

Now i'll try to tell you,

The order came quickly, well packed. I ordered a battery for 4400 mah, came 5200 mah with a declared capacity of 48840 mwh (in the program batterycare). When recalculating mwh in mah turned out 4400 mah. So everything is without deception. Seller recommend.

It came in 5 days. It came with 70% charge. Similar worked 14 months, worse than the original but also cheaper. Let's see how this acum works.

Very high quality battery came to the house with delivery, one minus was 1 month and 1 week

Instant delivery. 3 days. The battery came with a charge of 71 percent.

Delivery per month. Track tracked. I bought for 650 rubles. Packing is good. Charged normally. Charge holds more than two hours. How much will i do not know, i write a review immediately. The seller is sociable. Do not hesitate-write, ask.

The parcel came in 10 days. Capacity did not check. Inserted, works. For 10 minutes holds exactly, enough to transfer the laptop, for this and bought.

Fast delivery, capacity matches.

Approached like a native. Charge 77%.

Fast delivery, everything is fine

Thank you, the order corresponds to the description. Came fast enough. No complaints.


The battery on the laptop came up perfectly

Keeps well, came within a week. You can take

Excellent fit, charged at 68%

Everything is fine

Everything is fine, ordered on march 20, it came on april 20. The battery came up perfectly, the charge showed 90%. With the seller did not communicate, the track was tracked.

Everything is fine, came quickly, packed well

Quickly, qualitatively, i advise.

The battery went for a long time but came to the laptop beech acer 771 stood up as a native

Preshol fast but not 4400 mah, preshol 5200 mah

Fast delivery from moscow. Perfectly packed. Let's see how it will work. The old battery in ten years has completely failed.

In appearance of good quality, charged by 70 percent. Time will show.

The battery came up as a native, delivery from russia is fast. I recommend. The laptop shows about 50 watts. That's like 4 amps.

Excellent battery, took 5400 in fact aida wrote 5800, satisfied with the work writes from the battery 3 hours. Tracking only via aliexpress recommended. I recommend the product for 100% too.

The battery got up like a native. 66% showed charging. After my dead, satisfied with all 100

Excellent battery, stood up as a native, capacity 4800 showed. Delivery to kuzbass on 31 days. Recommended product and seller!

Great. The battery went to the packard bel. I recommend.

Delivery is very fast. The seller is clever, sociable. Courier to the entrance. Packing is crumpled, but inside everything is whole. Accumulator sat like a native. Charged at 86%.

Came by the transport company cdek. The description corresponds, everything works. For the first purchase the seller gives a coupon