Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances

Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances
Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances
Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances
Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances
Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances
Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5 99ug ml for dental free shipping in Air Purifier Parts from Home Appliances

Product Specification

Type: Air Purifier Parts

Model Number: MOG003

Brand Name: OZOTEK

Product name: Medical ozone generator

Model: MOG003

Ozone concentration: 5-99ug/ml ( via O2 tank)

Oxygem flow: 1/32-1.0LPM

Output connections: Luer fitting

Cooling system: Air cooling

Input voltage: 100-240VDC; 50/60HZ

Rated power: 12W

DC control: 12VDC Adaptor

Operating temperature: -0 deg C ~ +40 deg C

Size (L x W x H): 21.5 (L) x 11 (W) x 9.5 (H) CM

Net weight: 0.9 KGS

Gross weight: 1.2 KGS

Colour: Silver


Ozone generator medical therapy MOG003 5-99ug/ml for dental free shipping



Product Specification                                                                                                  


Product name: Ozone Generator 

Model: MOG003

Ozone concentration: 5-99mg/L ( via O2 tank)                                  

Oxygen flow:1/32-1LPM

Output connections: Luer fitting  φ5 mm /Syringe port

Cooling system: Air cooling, in-built a 15 CFM fan

Discharge type: Corona discharge

Input voltage: 12VDC (With universal 100-240v adaptor to 12VDC)

Power: 12W

Color: white

Size (L x W x H):176 x 88 x 70 mm

N. Weight: 0.9 Kg 


Product Advantage                                                                                                     


1. Simple & easy operation; 

2. Higher & stable ozone concentration; 

3. Long lifespan glass ozone cell with more 10000 hours; 

4. Smaller size & lighter weight, and easy to carry; 

5. Could be used on household & medical applications. 


Standard Packing Including                                                                                      


1 x Ozone generator

1 x  AC100-240V adaptor

1 x  luer-hose connector( for ozone outlet connect to hose)

2 x meters silicone tube

IMGL9416 -

Ozone Concentration Chart                                                                                          




Product Operation                                                                                                       


Before switch on, Please check that:

1. Plug in; make sure it connects the power well then the "POWER" light will show red;

2. Connect “O2 IN” with oxygen tank or oxygen concentrator (Pic.1); 


Manual Turn ON/OFF the ozone generator                                                                 


a. Press the “ON/OFF” then the “OZONE” light will shows green, then the machine starts working, you can get ozone from “O3 OUT” by    

    syringe or use luer- hose connector to connect hose to end user.

b. Press the “ON/OFF” again, the machine will stop working.




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